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Comic for Raspberry Pi, a new type of comic that teaches as well as entertains, is published today. It covers Coding and the Internet of Things, and is the first in the Laugh and Learn series. See, also, the ebooks which teach Maths, English, TEFL, Science and Languages, at kids, beginners, GCSE and A-Level standard, and the A-Level apps.

Laugh and Learn.


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  • The comic makes Coding so easy that even a child could understand it, but it is suitable for everyone, including pupils, students, teachers and the busy. This comic is also ideal if you do not speak English well. It teaches by pictures.
    While it is designed for beginners, it includes tips for the more advanced users. It is ideal for ages 8-15 years and younger, who would find the books on the subject hard to read.

  • Learn all about the exciting new school subject of Coding, and about the technology of the future, the Internet of Things (IoT). It covers the Raspberry Pi, one of the main computers of IoT which is widely used in schools.

  • Fully illustrated in bright colours on quality, glossy paper. In this full-size comic (A4), you learn by cartoons with speech bubbles, jokes and picture puzzles.

  • You are taught by reading stories in comic book form. Then picture puzzles are used to show you what you have learnt. Computer jokes are included to keep it fun. Follow the adventures of Harry, Tim, Pia, Super Geek and Clank, the robot.

  • Learn how to build a computer, write games in Python, and create animations in Scratch.

  • It includes topics from Computing in the National Curriculum.

  • It is written by a team led by a published author of many Paperback Books (all educational), such as the bestselling Brainteasers range of books, that also teaches you to program (code) by showing you how to write games.

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* = For example, Crunch Comics, Harris Arcade, Reading.
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